Racism: The Downfall of America

Racism is something that is well known in the United States of America. At a young age not all children, especially children of color even think of violence or hatred unless it is happening in their household. Some people may believe that racism is something that started in the 50´s, but it has been around much longer than that. There are many things that have gone along with racism. There were lynchings, segregation, racial slurs and bombings. Today,and for a while, I have felt that white people do not have much understanding of what black people go through. For example, there is a lot of segregation going on. There can be white kids in schools that have black friends. They can know them almost in and out and be their very best friend, but may not know about the things that happen in their neighborhood. White people can live in a community that is not as dangerous as a person of color. They won´t experience the dangers that occcur, such as neighborhood shootings, robbings or store thefts. Itś almost like a different world.